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Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

TOTAL TIME: 20 minutes



1 lb brussel sprouts

3-4 tablespoons olive oil

2 garlic cloves (sliced)

5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar



Parmesan cheese (optional for topping)


  1. Slice the stem off your brussel sprouts and cut them in half lengthwise. Slice your garlic.

  2. Heat up a large skilled with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add in your garlic and stir. Let it cook for a minute on a medium flame. Place the sprouts cut side down on the pan and let them cook untouched for 2-4 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Make sure you sprouts do not touch while cooking. This will help them crisp up better.

  3. After 2-4 minutes, stir the sprouts around. Add a tablespoon of olive oil, turn some of them over and let them cook for about another 2 minutes. Add in the balsamic and mix everything together. Let the sprouts cook for another minute or two. Season with more salt and pepper if needed. Serve with some freshly grated cheese.


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