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Infinitely Adaptable Summer Fruit Pie

There's nothing better juicy summer fruit encased in a shell of flakey pie crust. Celebrate summer fruit (and pie!) with this Infinitely Adaptable Summer Fruit Pie. This pie recipe is all you need this summer. Throw in any combination of fruits, and your end result will be delicious no matter what. Don't just take my word for it, try it out and prepare yourself to be blown away.

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour 45 minutes (plus chilling) SERVINGS: 8-12


2 pounds fruit (sliced strawberries, sliced peaches, sliced nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, sliced mangoes, sliced apples, sliced apricots, blackberries, pitted cherries, etc.)

2/3 cup granulated sugar (or brown and granulated blend)

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Zest of 1 lemon

3 tablespoons cornstarch or 6 tablespoons all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger (optional)

Pinch of salt

2 tablespoons unsalted, melted butter

2 tablespoons cubed, unsalted, cold butter (1/2 cm cubes)

Raw sugar


  1. Take half of the pie dough out of the refrigerator and flour your work surface and roll it out into a 12 inch circle. Drape it over your 8 inch round pie dish. Trim off any excess dough on the sides and use it to patch up and hole if necessary. Then, chill in the freezer.

  2. Then, if necessary, slice and cut up your fruit. Fruits like mangoes, strawberries, and peaches need to be sliced. Then, mix together with the fruits, sugar, lemon juice, zest, , cinnamon, ginger, and salt. Let the fruits macerate for at least 10 minutes or up to an hour.

  3. Once the fruits have finished macerating, preheat your oven to 425° F.

  4. Strain the fruit, reserve the fruit juices, and set the fruit aside. Add the fruit juice to a small saucepan and let it cook on a medium flame until it thickens. Transfer to a bowl and let it cool for at least 10-15 minutes before continuing.

  5. Pour the fruit and the thickened fruit juice into the pie crust, sprinkle the small butter cubes over the fruit.

  6. Place the pie back in the freezer and roll out the other half of the pie crust on a floured surface. Once rolled out, cut into strips to make the lattice top. Remove the pie from the freezer and weave the lattice top. Then chill again for 15 minutes.

  7. Brush lattice with melted butter, sprinkle some raw sugar over the top crust, and bake at 425° F for 60-75 minutes.

  8. Let the pie cool completely before slicing and serving. Serve with some vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream.


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